Assist Changing Tables

The Assist Changing Tables from Electro-Medical are designed specifically for those who assist special needs students. Our Hi/Low Tables do most of the work for you by lifting the students, reducing back related injuries.
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 Smart tables for safer schools – No more heavy lifting!

The only Hi-Low Changing Tables designed specifically for schools with special needs students.

In developing the Assist Changing Tables, Electro-Medical Equipment consulted with directors of special education, school principals, and professionals who work with special needs students to understand their most common complaints and challenges, and we designed a changing table for special needs students that we believe alleviates most if not all their concerns.

As a result of our research, these are a few of the features designed specifically for you:

  • We designed the Assist Changing Table to work well in a school environment: sized to maneuver through standard doors utilizing large, hospital grade casters and equipped with safety side rails.  These features help when moving a student room to room or in an emergency.
  •  We equipped our tables with an electric motor that lowers the table to wheelchair height and raises the table to an appropriate height for providing care.  This feature helps reduce repetitive heavy lifting – and the back injuries it causes!
  •  We added a shrouded base to shield moving mechanisms.


Features Common to all Assist Changing Tables

  • Four Hi-Low models to choose from; there’s one to fit every need
  • 440lb or 550 lb. weight capacity accomodates individuals of all sizes
  • 20 in. minimum height provides easy transfers from wheelchairs
  • 39 in. maximum height accomodates caregivers of all sizes
  • Shrouded base available on select models
  • Large hospital wheel system facilitates mobility
  • Maximum clearance for hoist and wheelchair access
  • Safety side rails and paper holder
  • Anti-bacterial vinyl upholstery helps prevent microbial and fungal growth
  • Adjustable backrest (Deluxe Model)
  • Electric adjustable backrest (Premier Model)

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